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Oil Filter fell piston slap. Car has 48k miles. Engines are reasonable, so plan to swap. Any advice? Do I need the PCM/ECM if the donor engine is a 2014? Would appreciate any advice from people who have done this... Thanks!!!

Old Phart
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ONLY caution is to save the old bits until DONE, since occasionally sensors and their plugs can change even within a model year.

You're just swapping the mechanical unit, and the same type bolts right in.

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Are you the only one? Or do you have a few others? It'd go faster & more efficiently if you have all your tools that you need & all the parts laid out ready to go. Great to have a few others to bounce ideas off of for the unknowns that might popup. Grab a camera or your phone to take plenty of pictures of. Last motor I did in a garage, get the car up high on 4 jack stands, remove the hood & front bumper cover off. Used a big oil drip pan to drop the motor/trans on & pulled it from the bottom of the car. Great G2g which worked out great. There are a few pix of it in my album pix.

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Make sure you have all needed fluids, gaskets, etc... I read a thread that you need the same ecu that came with the motor, but I don't beleive that was correct info, but if you can snag it with the motor for cheap, might as well
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