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I recently picked up a 2002 ZX5 ATX. It does this weird thing where it idles just fine in park but as soon as I shift into reverse the engine consistently stumbles like it's choking. Shift back into park, it stops. Every time. [dunno]

Also, occasionally during normal driving I'll get some quick intermittent power loss, feels somewhat similar to a slipping clutch.

I did remove the IAC and clean the crap out of it and replace it with a gasket. It was pretty gunked up though so I just pulled another one from a 2003 focus at the local pull-a-part. It's nice and clean inside. I'm gonna replace that this week. Also just picked up new plugs and wires.

Anyway, why would the engine respond like it does to shifting into reverse? Does it seem right to assume whatever is causing that is also responsible for the occasional power losses at speed?
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