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I am a newbie to this forum and will appreciate your patience.
I have a 2000 Focus SPI that is haunted.
The engine normally runs well but dies occasionally when I stop or slow down to turn a corner. This is happening more frequently as time passes. The speedometer has been dropping to zero and most times will resume normally after a few minutes. Odometer is cutting out also.
I presently have a check engine light on.....Auto Zone reads fault as P90720
(output shaft speed sensor has no input)
My research in the Haynes manual shows that this component is only
on cars with automatic transmissions.
Should I replace VSS? Does it sound like these problems are related? Am I doomed to the dealership for a full scan?

Thanks Darrell

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Almost certainly your VSS Vehicle Speed Sensor) needs replacement. Check the wiring/connector first. It's mounted on the passenger side of the diff housing.
btw, that should be a fault code of P0720.

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Also you'd get more views in Technical Chat.
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