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engine problem belt related?

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hey ff,
When I turn on my ac my engine tries to stall and throws a code. Could this be caused by a faulty acc belt? I have a 2003 zetec with 92,000 miles on it 5spd.
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well, ur talking about the serpentine belt, have you replaced the pullies yet? also, ur AC pulley could be really really worn and maybe ur AC is just flat out going. Also, do the rest of ur accessories start to go weak when you hit the AC?
it could be the pulley and belt system. on my jeep, the pulley assembly needed lubing. when I did that and replaced the worn serpentine, it fixed the problem. thats not to say it couldn't be, but check for wear on the belt. if your pulley is off, then it could be. I would say check the serpentine belt area, then check to see if you need a new AC unit. Cheapest fixes first!!!
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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