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Engine Overheating only at high speeds

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Engine is overheating then I drive at 100km/h or above.
I can't drive more than 130km/h, because temperature gauge is on "red".
engine is overheating when outdoor temperature is even -15 C.
heat is working.

Then at idle, or in town there was no overheating at all.

1.coolant didn't disapear.
2. fan is working
3. I checked T-STAT in boiling watter - it's OK
4. I changed CHT sensor - nothing changed.
5. I checked google - didn't find answer :(

Engine Zetec 16v 1.6 2000

Please HELP!
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Also possible that your cooling system is gunked-up, and possibly has a radiator that is partially clogged.

Whens the last time you flushed the cooling system or changed the antifreeze?
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