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Engine is overheating then I drive at 100km/h or above.
I can't drive more than 130km/h, because temperature gauge is on "red".
engine is overheating when outdoor temperature is even -15 C.
heat is working.

Then at idle, or in town there was no overheating at all.

1.coolant didn't disapear.
2. fan is working
3. I checked T-STAT in boiling watter - it's OK
4. I changed CHT sensor - nothing changed.
5. I checked google - didn't find answer :(

Engine Zetec 16v 1.6 2000

Please HELP!

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Sound like the fins on the radiator are all boogered up. Try going through and straightening them, yes it's a real pain in the arse. But if everything else seems fine that is the likely suspect as you need air flowing across the core to remove the heat, no flow and you will overheat.
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