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Engine Light Code

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Engine Light Code *Update*

well before the G2G yesterday misterjohnson read (and cleared) my check engine light code and i got code # PO171 my chiltons book say PO171=System Adaptive fuel too lean (bank 1). now i drove all day yesterday with no problems and then after about 60 miles of driving today the light came back on. and the car is stalling out at idel or having a rough idel. to me a lean mixture makes sence with this problem but what does the description mean and where do i go next.
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well i replaced the fuel filter not long ago

ill check on the recall

the injectors is kinda what i wsa thinking.
well i called my local ford dealer and he said without runing more test there was no way to tell from that code, but it could be just the O2 censor or the MAF censor because of the SRI i have. has anyone elese every got a code from a SRI install? i think im going to do the O2 censor and reset the computer and go from there, advice from anyone would be helpful thanks guys.
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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