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Hi guys,

New to this so bare with me.

Basically yesterday my car stopped in the middle of the motorway, I got it to the side of the road and the engine was bone dry. Filled it up once I got it home last night and this morning I noticed oil under the car. This is something I always check and manage as I own a few cars and like to keep them very tidy. Turns out my oil light is faulty and not engine is seized.

My car only being a 1.4 2005 mk2 focus isn't worth alot so the insurance company want to write it off, but I have full RS body kits on it including the seats which are probably worth more than the car haha!

Of course I want to keep the car, I have a budget of £1,000 to convert it. Your all going to say buy a new one with more power etc but I genuinely just want advise about the best way in doing this.

I found a complete 2.0 lt ST170 engine with 6 speed gearbox, inlet and exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, starter, alternator, steering pump, air con pump, key and ecu. Covered 64k miles (my 1.4 has done 80k).
All this for £500.

Am I right in thinking I would possibly need Zetec mounts out of a mk2? If mine don't fit. And driveshafts. My brother in law works at a scrapyard so these parts won't cost me much.

Parts will cost me £600, I will get the wiring done before the engine goes in. Me and a couple of work mates will be doing this, one being a fully qualified mechanic.

I think I have everything but I just want everyone's second opinions and thoughts, or what else I could put in on my budget. I do want the extra power as I have about 80bhp at the moment under an RS shell.

I'll add anything else I think ive missed off as I have a feeling I've missed something I wanted to put.

Appreciate any comments

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Looks nice, I can see why you want to fix it up & better than before.

Covered all the items I could think of, we're not familiar over here with the MkII version you got but that list matches what would be needed to do the same to a MkI type.
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