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A couple weeks ago I posted that my 2002 Focus SE with the 8 valve engine was in the process of starting and all of a sudden the starter stopped and I had no dash lights/gauges, and the starter did not work when I attempted to start again. I have been working tons of hours so I have been getting at this very slowly. The battery was on week old when this all happened. I have checked the battery out put and it's 13.5 volts. I redid the grounds and retightened the battery terminals. I then found the 30 amp fuse in the engine compartment was blown. I replaced that attempted to start the car. When I took the key to the start position the dash/gauge lights came on, but the speedometer went to over range high, like reading max mph. The car's starter turned over the engine, but the car did not start. I turned the key to the off position, but the starter just kept turning over the engine. I took off the negative terminal to get he starter to quit turning over the engine. I took the key out reattached the negative terminal and then tried to start the car again and once again the dash/instrument lights didn't come up and when I took the key to start the starter did not turn over the engine. I got and checked the 30 amp starter fuse that I had just replaced and it was fine. I checked all of the fuses under the hood and they were all fine. I found the ground wire running to the starter burnt. I have included the picture of it. I took the starter to have it tested while it was out and O'Rielly's told me it was fine. So here's my questions:

1. Can I repair the burnt wire?
2. Does the battery terminal wiring look okay?
3. Does anyone know where i can get replacement wiring?
4. Do you think the wiring burnt could have caused all of these problems?
I am really worried that the initial problem was the burnt wire caused the fuse to blow, but after replacing it and the problem reoccured with the new fuse with out it blowing this time that know something else is damaged and putting the starter back in with even new wiring still won't cure the problem. My wife thinks it's the voltage regulator and I need to replace the alternator. Here's the pictures: thanks for any help.


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