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Hello Everyone,

The car is a 2004 focus zts 2.3 duratec automatic

OK, here is what has been happening...
The car will start and run fine, after a little bit I start to hear clicking somewhere in the steering column. Then, as the clicking continues, the car will want to stall, if I'm driving at 45mph and 2500rpm it will drop to about 1000rpm and then go back to normal, and then drop again, back and forth. If at this point I pull over and turn the car off, it will not start again, only oil light on the dash. After about 20 min of sitting the car will start and it might run fine or start clicking (by the steering column) and losing power.

I took it to an shop and they tested the battery and it was not charging, 12.7, they plugged me into a charger and took the car home. after a few hours I turned the car on and tested the battery with my meter and got 14.3-14.7, its charging, WTF!!!! I checked the battery with the odometer TEST setting and it read 13.5-13.7.
Later I was going to head to the store and put the odometer in TEST, and i couldnt really read the numbers, it looked like they were moving from 12.something to 15.something. The clicking in the steering column started again and the headlights were flickering barely noticeable, but they would dim, go back to normal, get brighter, dim, brighter, back to normal.

I'm thinking it might be the pigtail for the alternator, but I haven't read of anyone experiencing the clicking in the steering column.

Any suggestion or ideas of what it could be?
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