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ok so i know all focus's end up getting a hole in thier egr off the header

my couple questions are much loss am i at driving with the exhaust leak

2.what options do i have for the fix

3. if i delete it is thier a way i can pass emissions??

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1. Unsure, only true measure is fix and find out, unfortunately
a. exhaust leaks can fool the Oxygen sensor into thinking there is less fuel being burnt than there actually is, sees lean and richens the mixture causing poor fuel mileage

2. Used parts or new parts. I'd guess our Ford parts sponsor may be able to get you a decent price on the needed parts

3. No, just flat out no and no way around that in California. All factory emissions equipment has to remain in it's factory location and operation to pass (in all actuality that is a Federal law and applies to us all but some states choose not to enforce it)
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