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Hi All,
I have a 2002 Focus TDCi - 75,000 miles. I have an intermittent problem with the glow plugs coming on while driving. After a few seconds the engine dies and I have to pull over and re-start the engine after which it runs properly again. The problem used to occur every 3 months or so but is now occurring at least once a week. Very dangerous if happens at speed. There is no pattern - it happens in cool and hot weather, wet and dry etc. Slow speeds and high speeds etc. No other warning lights, check engine etc come on.

I have also had problems with the glow plugs not staying on long enough in the winter (only on for 2 secs max) and subsequent cold starting problems. I had a shop change the glow plugs and glow plug cables but that only made a very slight improvement in cold starts. They also changed the temperature sensor for the glow plug system. I also changed the glow plug relay - made no difference.

I did read a post about fuel filter problems causing glow plugs to come on but I do not understand why that would happen and it could not affect the lack of "glow plug on time" in cold weather.

Does anyone have any ideas? Is it most likely to be the ECU? Does anyone have a good recommendation as to where to buy one for a good price? I live in Norway (an ECU costs over 1000 pounds here!) but I have friends in the UK who could send one to me here.

Thanks in advance for any help and advise! - Ian [wave]
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