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Ebay headlight recomendation?

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Okay so my parents are going to be buying me a new Volant CAI and hopefully new headlights for xmas. (Yay!) So I was wondering what headlights I should go with? Is there a popular Ebay store that you guys buy your headlights from? Thanks all
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i got headlights for sale in the forums throw me an offer i can't refuse and u'll have em by next week!
Ya I was checking those out earlier today, there cool but I just can't afford $300 dollar headlights. Which is why I am going with $100-$140 Ebay ones. Just don't know what ones to get >.<
You have a link to a pair? I've looked through pages of ebay headlights and don't remember seeing a pair that look like ST170's. Sorry if I'm being a PITA lol
these are MACH-alikes (which I prefer out of the ebay headlights) and these are ST170-alikes. They don't really look like ST170s but the layout's the same (blinker by the grille, highs in the middle, low beams on the outside).



Thanks for the pics now I know what I'm suppose to be looking for haha

ive owned both. the ST170alikes are better quality. like i stated before, the cutoff line is so much better. also, the halos are brighter. IMO, the cutoff is sharper than real Mach HID's. this is cuz the projector glass being water clear. the real Machs arent.
the only thing i dont like about the ST170alikes is that its a pain to aim them. the aiming dial is not easy to get to.
also, the st170s are begging for eyebrows. i put eyebrows on mine before they even touched the car.
I heard that my local Les schwab will aim your headlights for you. Would I be better off taking them there to get them aimed of doing it myself? Thanks for the help, I'm probably going to go with the ST170 alikes because the LEDs in the Machs looks really pointless.

EDIT: Is it just me or do the Mach type headlights look kinda cool in the Ebay pic? Anyone have these installed on there car with pics so I can see how they look? Thanks again everyone +Rep to you when I can figure out how haha
Nice lousdfocus, any night shots? And that emblem is pretty sick, you paint it urself? I've been looking for a new one that'll look btr on my car. The lights look good I can't wait till xmas! lol[woot]
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