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I've got three questions, I'll list em up here so you don't have to read this whole long version.
1. If my CAI pipe is 2.5 inches in diameter, that'll fit a 2.5x5 inch filter well, right?
2. I bought an Ebay kit with the intentions of using the pipe and replacing the filter to save cash, is that a bad idea?
3. Where can I buy a filter, since autozone sucks?

Recently, I bought a cheap (REALLY CHEAP) cold air intake kit off Ebay, and I'm trying to decide what to do with it. When I ordered it, I knew for a fact that I wouldn't be using only that kit. My idea was that I'd order a cheap Ebay kit, and swap the fitler out from the included "Powerhouse Tuning Factory" filter to a decent AEM or K&N filter. I clicked buy, then realized that I'd forgotten to look at the auction details and see what diameter the pipe was. There was no specs on the page, so I figured that whenever it shows up, I'll just measure it.

In any case, the kit just showed up and the pipe is 2.5 inches (take, a little) across. After recieving the kit, I'm not sure I trust it so much, though. All of the connectors that connect the two pieces of tubing and the tubes to the engine are all rubber. They give me some bindings to tighten down, once it's done. Is that normal? I've never really thought about it before. I thought I'd save myself some money getting this kit, and if it's good, then I did, but I'd rather nto throw this thing on there if anyone has any reservations.

If anyone wants to burn down the local autozone, that's fine by me. I went in there, to search for filters. Amazing... I go up to the register to ask for a filter.

"Hi, I'd like a 2.5 x 5 inch AEM filter for my cold air intake. Do you guys have any?"

"Um.. What kind of car do you have?"

"Oh, they're universal, the car doesn't matter, just the year?"

"Um... What year is it?"

"2002 ford focus, but that doesn't matter, I replaced the stock intake system, a stock filter won't fit?"

*silence as the lady looks up 2002 ford focus*

"You don't need a new filter for your car, you just have to clean it out."

"I promise, I need a new filter. But not the stock one. I replaced the air filter with a cold air intake, it doesn't use the box any more, it's a metal pipe that has a cone shaped filter on the end."

"Hmm.. Here's the listing for a 2.3 liter engine."

In any case, I eventually gave up trying to buy something from their store and left with my little scratch repair kit and floormats. F'n shame. Anyone have any advice of where to get a CAI filter, besides ebay?

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buy direct from AEM or K&N, a reusable filter that you can clean yearly would be best
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