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So I've been saving my money to do something with my car, and decided that dynamat would be the best to do first. Thing is, i don't know how much it is or how much I should do. I just know the benefit.
I have 500 bucks.
This will help my road noise, right?
Is it hard to intall, could I do it my self?
Is it worth it do do the whole car, floor boards, door panels, and the whole trunk?
OR should I just do the door panels and trunk?
Should i go dynamat, or off brand? is there a big diff in the products of knockoffs, or what.
Should I get a pro to do it?

after the dynamat are going to come high end speakers, i have a amp and one 10 right now. that is all the bass I need, i dont like a whole lotta bass, just some bump. i want good quality sound.


(2005 ford focus)

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don't spend $500 on dynamat... there are soo many other's that perform equal to or better than, for way less money.

My advice, you can do it yourself. And apply deadening products anywhere your heart desires.

I would personally use a combination of elemental designs eDead sound deadener

Purchase 60 sqft of eDead V1se (2).
1 gallon of liquid deadener
40 sqft of eDead V4 (teklite)

first clean out and strip your whole interior. Apply 2 coats of the liquid deadener (v3) all over the rear trunk, and side panels. Layer v1se over that.

I wouldn't use the Liquid deadener on the door panels, because it makes a mess and might block the drain holes at the bottom of the door if you aren't careful.
I have eDead V1 applied all over the hatch. I could tell an audible difference. Then I applied V1 on the door panels also, then I installed 6.5" woofers and It would get distorted. When I later applied V4 (teklite) over V1, and covered the air-gaps around the speaker, it sounds 100% better and no distortion.

My impression : I have not use the liquid deadener but I hear great reviews about it. It's roughly $50 a gallon, but it sounds like you can afford it.

If anything definately get the eDead V4 (teklite). I bought 20 sqft, and that was enough for 2 doors. (inside and out). V4 is a remarkable material, and I vouch it's worthiness of being $2 per sqft.
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