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Dying Problem

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Ok to start this off. I have an open hood scoop and when it rains, the inside of my motor gets soaked. I know I need to fix that but the damage has already been done. i have had my started wire burned up and got my lights messed up. I fixed them. I have the powerworks supercharger with the powerworks cold air intake. My air sensor on there got wet and so did all my other wires.
I tried to blow them off with my air hose but the problem still exist. Now here's the problem. I'll be driving the car normal and then all of a sudden I will lose complete power to the point where the car just shuts off. Sometimes I will try to start it and have nothing but then other times i can pull over shut the ignition off, then turn it on, then it will start up and I can go. Sometimes this will happen 2 to 3 times a day, other times i can go days without it happening. I've aleady had my battery and alternator already checked and their in good working condition. Just so you know that when i do lose power i do still have electrical power, light, etc. My speedometer, tachometer dies and my motor. Everything else works. Please Help!!
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I have the same hood on my car as you do. My engine doesn't get soaked in the rain. It may get a bit wet, but definitely not soaked.
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