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Duratec rattles/noise....fixed.

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I kept hearing a rattle type noise from the passenger side by the drive belt. Turned out it was the plastic shield around the belt.

There's only two bolts that hold the thing to the frame. I fixed the rattle with a strip of foam over the edge that touches the frame.....and two fender washers that apply pressure over a wider area of the plastic.

And while I had the thing off, I lined the inside surface (that faces the belt) with "roofers tape". This is a heavy material much like Dynamat (only cheaper). This serves to dampen the noises from the belt, and even from the cam chain. It seems to be working.....somewhat less noise from an excessively noisy engine. Try it yourself. [cool]

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^ i hear that "ticking" too once and a while, very wierd
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