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Duratec Head

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I know it isnt common around here, but Im wondering if anyone has used the Ford Racing head for our motors. Wondering how much better than stock it is with a good set of Stage 2 cams or even beyond. I know the 2.0 head flows less than the 2.3, so a head upgrade would work wonders with bolt-ons and cams.

This is something Id like to do within the next year or so (hopefully) and there doesnt seem to be a whole lot of info about it in a sea of CAI and exhaust threads. Hopefully we can get a good discussion going [clap]
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I am still waiting on Mike at hilbish to get back to me on if the valve springs are upgraded on the FR head.
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He has to call FR and find out, its not in the computer I already went over it with him.
If they actually installed HD springs, that would really help me justify the price tag on it.
I think that it is only CNC'd and that is how they get the extra 15% flow figures on the head. For almost a grand I would hope that they would install HD springs. On the other hand its not cheap to port and polish these heads.
Idle would be fine, but the car would kinda stumble in the lower rpms until you got into the rpm range of the cams. So from like off idle to maybe 3000 rpm the car would stumble, so for DD it would just feel like your car is not running right.
I would say 20-25hp. You would have to have more than just the head and cams though. I/E/H/T too.
I have heard that a ported head can give you 25hp, not sure how true that is though. I wasnt sure how much the cams will give. I would say around 10-15 for the cams. Well the cossie kit give 50hp addition and thats without a head. I would say maybe around 70hp with all of those mods, not whp.
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