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I've got a 2.0 that's near completion in a rods/piston fashion. I'd love to finish it and put it in my car then throw some boost at it, but I need money to pay for school and whatnot. You can see my original post over in the BUY/SELL/TRADE section. I'll try to list what I can remember.

2.0 block
2.0 head
2.0 crank
ASC Forged rods
ASL rod bearings
Top end gasket kit (head gasket)
Maybe a few other things.

The plan was to throw in some Weisco pistons and ARP head studs, then strap on a turbo. But now I can't afford to finish it the way I'd like so I have to sell.

I'd like $1500 as is, but will talk around on the price. Let me know. I've also got a nearly completed turbo kit that I'd part with for the right price. GT2560r dual ball bearing garrett turbo, FMIC, all piping, 2.5" downpipe and 38mm external gate. Just needs a few fittings and flanges to be complete.

PM me if interested.
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