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First time poster, so thanks for reading!

I just bought a blue 2000 Focus SE wagon. I believe the color is LZ if I remember what I read inside the door correctly, and that that's light sapphire (blue), if I haven't got confused since I looked it up. I need a spray can to touch-up some rather large (<1 sq foot though) patches behind the front wheel wells and on the back hatch.

Primer and filler's not a problem, it's getting a matching color. Duplicolor seem to sell some, but it's not retail? It's an old color, so my local hardware store doesn't seem to have it (although they have a good selection). It seems some colors are mail-order only from Duplicolor (included LZ), but I didn't think you could mail a spray can? Am I wrong about that?

Also, in order to repair the paint on the hatch, it looks like I'll need to get the plate off, as well as the plastic thingy across the hatch above the plate that the plate lights peek from. About half a foot section of the plastic thing has been broken off on the left side, so I'm not concerned about getting it off. But I was hoping to salvage a complete thingy (sorry, let me know if there's a better name!) to replace it with. Any tips on how to get it off, and more importantly, how to get a new one on?

I've only had the car for a couple weeks, but I've taken quite a liking to it! I know this is getting picky, but I need a right-front cup holder black insert thingy, and is there suppose to be one for the holder in the back? Just thought if I'm going back to the yard for the hatch thing, I might as well pick up the rest of the bits and pieces, too. What do you figure is reasonable for the yard to ask? I bought a driver's side chair there recently for $50, and I've half a mind to replace the passenger side, too. One thing about the chair: I didn't realize till I got it home that it had a cloth back, whereas the original had vinyl. Pretty anal, huh? I just figure a good car deserves symmetry, I guess!

Again, thanks for reading, and any tips are greatly appreciated!
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