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So I bought the Ford Premium extended warranty $0 deduct, EIGHT YEARS, 48,000 miles.
It was to include 'same day rental'
(which means use the rental car less than one full day, like I drop off the car for warranty work at 8AM, take a free rental car for 6 hours and return it that day and pick up my car.)
So the finance guy is saying 'the rental comes with the package...' (Me adding in: but NOT the same day rental)
I am like no dude, this is an extra package.. $30 etc... (it is with the 'upgrade' rental, where you can get a pickup or van rental...)
So I end up with what I wanted for $50 0ver the price quote from Flood Ford RI. I am OK with the $50 no problem.
What I am NOT OK with is they never gave me the same day rental.

So I have called and said give me the same day rental.. blah blah.. Nothing.. blank stares.. no call back.

So I am still in the 30 day window to cancel.
I could cancel and just BUY it from Flood Ford for $50 less!!!

I would keep it from the local dealer if the would JUST add the damn same day rental.

SO I will call them again and make it clear.. fix the same day rental problem or I will cancel and buy it from Flood! Period.

Why can't those idiots figure it out?
Like isn't the finace guy SUPPOSED TO KNOW what they are doing??? [sleep][read][rant]

I have until December 9 or so to cancel.

Added: I let it ride. After re-reading the contract there does seem to be a box to check to 'exclude' the same day rental.. So it is not checked. So I am willing to assume I have it. (the finance guy never did get back to me. Though I did call the General Manager (who said the Finance guy would call me...)
So the 30 days has passed and I guess I am keeping the contract.
(I did not want to write a new line and pop my dumb post back to the top.. so I added it in here)
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