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i've got a 2002 focus wagon, and one day the front drivers side brake just started dragging. didn't know it until it started to make a terrible noise. turns out the pad was worn down to metal.
changed the pad and though maybe the caliper was stretched too far out to release the pressure. but no such luck . new pads are dragging ever so slightly - can't hear it. but you can smell it - and its hot!
the pedal feel is normal if not solid.
could there be a leak somewhere that isn't leaking yet?
whats my next move? new caliper?
is that how calipers break - they drag or stick?
thanks for your help.

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That's how calipers give up, by sticking instead of moving smoothly.

You've got slider mounting pins as well that need to be clean & greased so it can move.

Caliper piston could well be very rusted under the dust boot, making it stick hard.

Should be able to apply brakes & release, then spin the wheel easily as the piston retracts JUST enough to release.

Rebuilt Calipers are reasonable, check those pins as well.
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