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Driver's seat, that sinking feeling?

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What I have: 2012 ST w/Sport package

I brought my car into the dealership yesterday to get a couple of issues looked at before my warranty is up in 500 more miles.

1. My driver's seat sinks. On a weekly basis I have to pump it back up to where it was. Dealership found no problems. I am dubious of their findings.

2. My rear wiper has created a permanent scratch in the window along its outermost arc. Was educated that since it's a glass problem, warranty doesn't cover it. So even though it's Ford's crappy wiper design that caused it, they won't do anything to fix it.

3. My rear seats didn't fold flat, one rested higher than the other. Was educated that they shouldn't fold flat (even with the seat bottom pushed forward). Is this true? My last focus folded flat.

4. For the fourth time, my idle is so rough that things in the cabin vibrate loudly, and a few times since my last computer adjustment, I've almost rear-ended the car in front of me because my car jumps forward upon slow acceleration from a stop (the typical stutterstutterstutterACCELERATE probem typical of these cars). Nothing was found amiss.

Anyone have any insider info on these issues? I am a little suspect of the answers I got.

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Thank you for the reply. I agree with you about finding another dealer. I am in between two, this one is the only one that will drive me to work....I am juuuuuust outside of the driving radius of the other dealership. Grrrr.
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