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Well i was getting sick of only the passanger side ebrake grabing so i decieded to pull off the driver side to see if i could find the issue....

Well......The ebrake adjuster was seized so i start tearing apart the shoe assembly...and the trouble began....Once the show was off of the brake cylinder the piston exploded out of the chamber with enuf force that it hit the front tire in a big spray of brake fluid!!!

Now half blind from the mass amount of brake fluid in my eyes (will wear eye protection next time) and pissed off i start looking for peices.

I did manage to get it back together and bleed (10 min with a tourch on the god damm bleeder screw!). Does anyone have any idea on what woudl casue this to happen??? I think that because the adjuster was seized up ti was forcing 1 side of the cylinder to do all the work and for some reason it stuck until the pad was removed and the force drove th piston right out of the seal. Does this make sence to anyone?

The good news is my ebrake works now!
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