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New here and new to cars, just got a Focus LX, 2001 Y plate. I got conned I think. remote c/l was working when I went to see the car and I paid a deposit. Three days later when I went to pick it up, all of a sudden driver door does not open with remote OR the key. Guy fobbed me off saying it was the battery on the key.

Anyway, here are my symptoms:

All doors locked
- key does not unlock driver door or any other doors.
- remote does not unlock driver door but all passanger doors unlock.

So I crawl in and manually unlock the driver door.

From the inside I can lock/unlock all doors by manually pressing the button on the driver side trim.

All doors unlocked
- when remote is pressed, all passenger doors lock then immediately unlock, but no noise on the driver door.
- Key locks all doors.

Driver door is always dead silent, no catching noise whats so ever at all times that i've been fidling.

When I removed the trim on the driver door, I pulled the power cables off the (actuator?) and all other doors got locked. Then plugged it back in and all other door unlocked.

I've checked fuse no. 63, took it out for 20mins or so, that's intacked..(real pain to get to . Spayed some clean/lube spray in the key whole as well.

If I manually lock the driver door, the remote can lock/unlock all passanger doors but the key does nothing. Only thing the key does is lock all doors while all doors already unlocked.

Please can some one help me pin point the fault and the cheapest method to solve.

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