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door speaker power?

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I am currently upgrading my mids and highs in my four door zts. I just purchased a set of alpine type "s" 5x7 component speakers for my rears and a set of Alpine type "R" 5x7 component speakers for my front doors.. I plan on putting one set of the tweeters on the front dash, firing up at the glass and the other set in the rear deck firing at the rear glass. ok, here comes my question... what would you fine people suggest I use to power these bad boys? the 5x7's come with crossovers and are rated 40w rms and 60w rms in the front. I was thinking I could run the 4 tweeters off my head unit and just put some capacitors on them to block out the bass... the head unit I am currently using is the Blaupunkt (sp?) mp3 premium stock unit. so what are your amplifier/ configuration suggestions? here are some links to the speakers if you aren't familiar with them..

alpine component 5x7 Type "R"

Alpine component 5x7 Type "S"
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run all 8 speakers off of a single 4channel? I looked at it... their mids/highs amp seems a bit strong for running these? I'm just a little sketchy about using a brand I haven't heard of.. not that they are bad, they look good. I'm looking for something that will be a good match power wise to these speakers... thanks for the info.. i'll do some research on their amps and see.. anyone else have any suggestions or does everyone agree with foci fosho?
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