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Door panel removal on 06 sedan?

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Hi Im new around here, but Im digging all the info at my fingertips, great resource. So I just got an 06 sedan, and first thing I wanted to do was to replace the stock speakers. The new ones are bought and waiting, the only thing is the door looks a little different than the how-tos Ive seen on searching around the forums (03 hatchbacks it looks like).

Main thing is its got a crank style window, and I dont see any way to get the coat hanger or rag method of removal to work, due to a little round pice of plastic that sits between the crank and the door panel.

Is this the same? If so, then sweet, Ill just muscle on it. If not, anyone had any experience with these yet?

Any help would be appreciated!
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It should be the same...I also have a sedan, a 2000, but it still should be the same for you. I used a window crank removal tool, I got it at Autozone and it was something like 5-6 dollars or something like that...But you should have had to deal with the little plastic piece on the front doors too, so it should work the same [thumb].

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