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My weekend was wrecked. I had to drive to Nashville this weekend and pick up my step daughter, she wants to visit for awhile. Almost 20 hours on the road between Friday evening and Sunday morning.

Needless to say, my plans to work on the sidemoldings will have to wait. It has also been in the teens-twentys here, to cold to paint.

I spent last week working on my outside door handles to reinstall on the SE. The results are very disappointing and Im now rethinking the whole plan. First I painted the handles Infrared with 3 coats of clear. The rough texture made them look horrible. Next I hand sanded them down and repainted. They looked much better but still would not have looked right on the car. Then I hit them with a power sander. I rounded over the sharp line that runs the length of the handle and tried to get them as smooth as possible. After 2 coats of primer I can still see some rough spots that will need more sanding.

Four to five hours of sanding is to much labor, multiply that x four plus whatever time it takes to sand the bezels. I think about 6-7 hours labor per door. Im going to visit the Ford dealer and try once more to get painted SVT handles, if they cant find a part number then Im going to buy the primered ones and paint those.

After seeing how difficult the handles are Im not sure I want to try the side moldings. I will have to rethink that project also. I keep looking at the liftgate. Since Im not debadging and the Magnaflow tip is polished, I think Im going with the chrome hatch trim. One less part to paint anyway.

The SVT mirrors are only $67 ea from, If I can get the switches, wiring, and inside covers off ebay Im going with them to complete the exterior painted look.

Im also starting to shop for 17 inch wheels.
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