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i am doing the timing belt on my 00 zx3, it has just under 65k miles so i'm near due on mileage and probably overdue on age.

i am also going to replace the motor mounts as there are really really worn.

here are the parts that i think i will need, tell me if i am missing something, or if i have added something i might not need to replace

1:timing belt kit, 1 belt, 1 tentioner and one pulley.
2: timing cover gasket set
3:valve cover gasket set, mine are leaking
4:do i need a lower timing cover/ oil pump seal, its part number is YS4Z6700AA
5: waterpump, while im in there why not
6:waterpump gasket

my brother is a life long mechanic and will be helping me, so i have someone who know's what he's doing. the only other things i know i need are a timing bar and timing pin.

also, what size vacuum hoses would i need to replace those, they are 10yrs old and have never been replaced

thanks so much :)[driving]

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As far as vacuum hoses go, the PCV vacuum line is one of our usual suspects for damage from age. I believe it's a 3/8" line, but the best way to get it is to go to a Ford dealer and get a redesigned hose that has some insulation on it. To build your own you'll need to purchase plastic elbows and straight line. Most other lines are plastic, and those don't get damaged from age like the rubber. You'll just have to inspect your lines- there aren't many- and replace as needed. I'd strongly consider replacing vital heater and coolant hoses while the engine is drained of coolant for this repair- if those have not been replaced in the car's life so far.

For parts, check out, where there are several timing kits that come with all the parts you've listed here including the water pump. There is also a 5% discount code in the Rock Auto thread in our Vendor Deals, Group Buys, and Special Discounts forum. Click the Discussion Forums link at the top on the right, and that will give you the complete list now that you're a member.
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