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i have a 4 channel amp that id like to use to power some aftermarket...i want better sound than the factory can offer, and id either get like 2 way or whatever speakers or some that have separater tweeters, or maybe a combination of the two, because i dont really care what people in the back are hearing

well my head unit has 2 pairs of RCA outs, one of which is switchable on/off, but also seems to have a lpf on it

so that leaves once rca out from the h/u but the amp has 2 pairs of RCA ins, (one RCA jack per channel, obviously)

so now im wondering of there is some kind of signal splitter or something that i can use to do this, or if i should buy some jacks and wire up something myself

also while im making a post :

What type of speakers should i get for my car as far as dimensions
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