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is the coolest thing ive done thus far!

so bout a month ago the rubber sheilding at the lowest part of the antenna began to peel off, it was brittle and dried as well as the tip.

being a pack rat i dug through my box of junk and found a ~1.5in W x ~4in L rubber tube that could fit over the spring part that is covered by the stock rubber base. it was a clear-ish /blue color so i primered it.

to cut the antenna i used my wire stripper/cutter/crimper.
i marked the lenght and closed the cutter and rotated the antenna so it shaved a ring around then sequentailly went from the 12 g hole to the 22 g hole. it ended with a perfect cut.

after that i totally forgot about the tip(stock was brittle and cracked).
and after a few hours i thought of using the the cap off of a clicky pen.
i used some tape around the end of the antenna and then jammed the tip on the end and it fits snug. PERFECT!
then i color matched it .

iknow iknow pics.
my cam is dead so ill have pics tomorrow.
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