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Discontinued ys4z 9j280 GA help

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My 03 spi lx is leaking fuel from the line that attaches to the injector rail. It leaks from where the line goes to the fuel tank. I thought it was just a regular o ring so I took my fuel filter removal clip and detached the line. I saw no o ring but when I looked inside the pipe I could see an o ring. I'm not sure if that o ring can be replaced or if the whole thing needs to be replaced.

I went to the dealership Ford and the part ys4z 9j280 GA is discontinued and no o ring either!!! I tried putting a fuel injection o ring and snapped it back, but the o ring stays on the outside of the pipe and it still leaks causing the car to stall.

Does anybody have any idea how to fix it? It's fine if I have to buy it new as long as I can get it back on the road. Thanks


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They never sold the o-ring separate to begin with, you have to cobble up one of the proper size on your own. You must hook the old one down inside the fitting, pull it out and then manage to insert the other new one back in its' place. All while not scratching up the groove down inside fitting to make for a leak. I use a dental pick to carefully pull them out.
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