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So, I have an '02 SVT, and my cousin has an '03. Mine has the winter package (heated seats), Audiophile, and sunroof. His has HIDs, Audiophile, and sunroof (no heated seats).

Mine has noticeably more headroom than his does. When I drive his and I sit up straight, my head hits the roof. Finishing off a soda is impossible, unless I use the sunroof space. I've checked that the base of his seat is all the way down, in the same position as mine, and I can find no differences between the two.

Anyone know why mine might have more headroom than his does? We're both about 6'1, and I can't hit the ceiling in mine if I try!

Also, my exhaust sounds quite a bit louder than his does. Granted, I have a tune, but even before then mine was louder. He jokes that it's a hole in the exhaust somewhere, but it's not THAT much louder. I joke that he should put a hole in his exhaust cause it sounds good. Both lunchboxes are still there, and I am certain that my exhaust is stock (I can't stand the sound of most any aftermarket exhaust, yes even Borla [80?] )
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