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I was leaking some coolant from the front of the engine, so I took it in to get diagnosed. They told me it was the water pump, and wanted $400 to replace it. I asked about doing the timing belt at the same time and they said I didn't need to. Well, logistics and all, I wasn't able to leave the car with them for long enough, and with 90k on the belt, I felt like it should be done, so I decided to drive my old Cadillac for the rest of the week and do it all myself.

I just followed a lot of the guides that are available, and it went pretty well. I will say that the old timing belt looked pretty good. I was temped to just leave it. But as good as it looked, I knew it had 90k, so I just went ahead since I was in there.

One thing I did in addition to the timing bar and pin, to make it even easier, was I paint marked the old belt and each sprocket on one tooth. Then I took the belt off, and counted the teeth between each paint mark. I marked the new belt with the same distances, and then lined up the paint marks on the new belt with the paint marks on the sprockets. Super easy to get it back on that way.

It was my first time getting this deep in something, so I was nervous about messing up and getting a backfire or something when I started it, so I wussed out and had to wear earmuffs when I started it up. It was fine though! Seems to run well, and no more leak. 211k miles currently, maybe she'll go another 100k or more!

Kinda wanna get a mk7 GTI though, as she is getting old, and I don't like the interior on the mk3 focus.
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