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Did I just destroy my window?

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So yesterday I made the purchase of a lifetime! I bought a red 4ft tall, 2 piece craftsman toolchest for $20! Came with the locking bars, keys, all the drawers roll perfectly, other than a couple scratches and dents, you would think it was brand new! I am still super excited about it lol.

Anyways, here is my problem: As I was unloading it yesterday from the backseat of my focus, I hit the corner against the window [nutkick] and scratched the tint off that part, and I think i may have etched the window. I think its 1/2 inch long at the most, and as wide as a pen line. I was wondering if that is going to be a problem in the future. I know that a small chip in the windshield will eventually end up spidering across the whole thing, but does that rule apply to side windows too?

Weather here gets down to -10 in winters and up to 115 in summers, if that makes any difference in the stress on the glass.

Thanks in advance!
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THanks guys! I rechecked the window now that its light out, i barely scratched teh surface. So it pretty much just scratched the tint off that area.

The tool chest is bad-ass! I dont really have a garage to put it in yet either, but I will after I graduate!

Thanks again!!!!
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