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Did front brakes today.

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Well as most know the bearing went bad in my RR drum 3 months ago. I was just going to replace the drum but saw the shoes were missing a nice little chunk and I have OCD.

Anyway, I've had these damn Hawk HPS sitting around since 2 years ago when I bought the car and I FINALLY got around to installing them.

WHAT A NIGHTMARE. In my 3 year of being a mechanic I've never done front brakes on a focus before.

Not an overly difficult job, some may say they are easier than most, but...

I don't have a 7mm hex socket in my box. There's 6.95 more I just spent than I wanted to. Well then the rotors were frozen to the hub worse than I have ever seen in my life. I ended up destroying a stud with a missed swing. Trip to, 7.74 I didn't want to spend :(

Well all in all I got it done and flushed 2 pints of Castrol LMA through the fronts. (Flushed with a generic dot 4 through the rears 3 months ago, will prob. flush the rears again with the Castrol). I also like the Castrol because it is very clear fluid and will be easy to tell when it gets dirty.

Took it for a ride, I was amazed at how quiet they were, followed the brake in procedure to a T. I just got done cleaning up and letting the brakes cool before I run out again to do an errand and test them now that they are ready to be used.

Parts Used:
1. Hawk HPS
2. Napa Blank Rotors

Fluids and Greases Used
1. CRC "Black" synthetic brake grease for caliper slides and pad contact points
2. CRC BraKleen
3. CarQuest brake clean (switch to this when I bought the stud because the CRC brake clean was getting gooey for some reason)
4. Anti-Seize (for back of rotor and bolt threads)
5. Castrol Full Synthetic LMA Brake Fluid

Tools and Other
1. Sanding disc to clean the hub
2. Wire brush to clean caliper/pad contact points
3. 7mm hex socket
4. 15mm Deep socket
5. 3/8" Ratchet
6. Electric 1/2" Impact
7. 19mm 1/2" Impact socket
8. Torque wrench.
9. 1 Stud
10. 1 open lug nut (to pull new stud through)
11. 3# mallet
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sounds like i need to do mine, my brakes are pretty loud and i haven't replaced the rotors since i've had the car (almost 80k miles)
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