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Edit: Thread title is vague, I should clarify... I have seen others with problems, but I'm curious about if anyone had something similar to this go bad... an electronic part that affects SYNC/MFT.

I'm completely thrilled about my car, the wait for ordering exactly what I wanted was well worth it.

But, I got it out from the dealer and realized the directional keys on my steering wheel didn't work. At first I thought I was just missing something, went through the manual looking for what I could be doing wrong... finally took it back to have someone take a look and apparently I have a bad part already!

I don't remember what they called the part, but they confirmed it wasn't SYNC (software) related. And the other buttons on my steering column work... the volume/music/phone/voice controls and all that. It's just the 2 directional pads.

They ordered the part and they'll either use it when it comes in, or they'll take the part from another Focus if one comes in this week... whichever comes first.

Anyhow, this hasn't happened to anyone else has it? It's minor but still a little disappointing.
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