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Diagnosis needed.

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So the other day while driving noticed the car was overheating. Pull over and pop hood noticed that radiator fans had been unplugged somehow and was crazy low on coolant. Notice that there was some kind of fluid underneath and smelt rotten eggs/sulfur smell. i top off coolant and drive to auto store and back no overheating issues but as soon as i pull in to my parking spot i heard a hiss then a **** ton of gray smoke.....a **** ton. And all the coolant was now all over the place. Im hoping i didnt blow the gasket. But my bud thinks it might be a thermostat and/or hose. Any help pointing in the right direction would be most appreciated.
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You just need to figure out where the coolant is coming from. If it's not freezing temps where you are, just start pouring in distilled water until you can see where it is leaking. It would also help to know what year your car is, a few later years of the mk1 had a real radiator cap that could've popped too.
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