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I tried following the sticky first to see if I could find some sort of repair that would work in my case.

I have a 2007 Focus SE the plane 4 door model 2.0. Not anything really cool like my friends ZX3 We put a turbo in.

Frist off my selector switch for the defrost/heat is not working anymore. Now I thought maybe it was the cable. I seen a couple of You Tube videos that showed how to replace that. so I started with that Idea. But that did not work. and I broke a piece of plastic off the big white plastic piece that the cables plug into. So I dont know the what the part would be called and I dont have a part number. I can't find one anywhere. So I need to find a part number to replace the peice I broke. thats going to be step one for me now. then I still need to figure out how to get the vent switch to move. I've tried to manually move it. but that did not work either its really stuck in the defrost. Which is okay for now. cause its really cold outside and the windows are getting frosty every morning. so for the next month or 2 its actually OK. But I would like to get heat in the car once the windows are defrosted. Any other Ideas on what I can look at to make the blower switch work?
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