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Well basically I'm looking to buy/build a good tuner car that I could both drag and autocross with. It's pretty much come down to either getting an old school 4th gen (89-91) civic hatch or crx, or saving a little bit more money and trying to find a cheap but running miata. So I figured I'd come to a relatively unbiased site.

First off most of my funds are probably coming from my Isuzu Trooper I'm putting up for sale soon and hoping to get around 1200 out of it. Then I'm also hoping for a decent tax return since I made about 7-8k this year (still living at home etc.) and then I might also work during spring break which should be about another $450 in my pocket. Also with my new job I got during christmas, if I can maintain about 40hrs a week there's no reason I shouldnt make a couple grand over a few months.

I'm looking into the hondas because (as I'm sure I've told yall a million times before) one of my best friends builds hondas and until recently he had a 91 civic hatchback that he swapped in a integra LS B18b motor. He built it with GSR piston heads, LS Vtec conversion with a GSR head, after market clutch, intake, Exhaust etc. Probably making around 180hp and since he stripped most of the interior out of the hatch he had a 180hp motor in a car that weighed roughly 1600lbs. Basically I creamed myself everytime he got on it and he'd chew up stock srt4s, mustang gts, etc. with it. But I really want a CRX and just recently we met another honda enthusiast that has an 89 CRX Si that he says is clean (we trust him, his 91 hatch was immaculate) and only needs a couple of parts to be a running car, but he doesn't have the time or money to finish it and just wants to get rid of it... for $500.

But the euro/sporty roadster design of the miata and rwd has caught my eye
and I'm thinking about waiting just a little bit longer and buying an older miata and modifying it. But I'm afraid that I'll run into the same problem as my focus, spending maybe 5k on a car and hoping it'll make atleast 200hp. Also I don't know near as much about Mazdas as I do Hondas, although there's probably not too much to the early miatas. A hard top is a must even if the one I get up front doesn't have one.

So I want to hear your opinions/experiences. I'll most likely be stripping the interiors out of both cars along with the a/c and power steering etc. to save weight and neither necessarily has to be running since it won't be a daily driver.
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