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Hi, I have a dashcam (this model, specifically- the gs8000l )

And I would like to install it in my 2005 focus zx4. The thing is, I would like to use the 12v outlet to charge my phone, and besides, it stills gives power even if the car is off, so the camera would drain my battery and still record unnecessarily if plugged in there. And, the wire would be hanging down in my face. So, I would like to try my hand at this mod here: as it would allow me to leave it plugged in, and not drain the battery, and not have the wire hanging around.

I have a couple of questions though. I tried asking in that thread, but no one saw it, so I'll try here, if that's OK. First, where do I attach the wire to? To the end of the wire? Or in the middle? Can I use posi twist connectors like crutchfield sells? Also, he says that he couldn't attach the wire to the positive light wire. So, where should I connect it to, if not that wire. Also, can someone recommend a power outlet to buy that has everything I need to install?

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Anyone? :) My wife uses the car mostly, and it annoys her to have the wire hanging down in front of her and to have to plug it in and out every time. This mod would allow me to hide the wire and also have it go on and off with the engine.

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