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dash board acting weird still

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I have no action on my guages like odometer/speedometer/temp guage and gas guage, i will be driving down the road when all of the sudden the lights will blink(guages) so i can see how fast i'm driving ect. then the speedometer will freeze at a certain speed like 55mph (when i know i'm not driving that fast) now all of the guages are not working, all other electrical is working fine/lights radio/ my battery is fully charged, anyone have any suggestions??
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Sounds like the plug at the back of the gauges is loose/damaged or the cluster itself is failing..

The gauges on these clusters are floating ( except the Speedo that one has tension to prevent it moving) as in there not spring loaded I have a cluster on my desk ( was supposed to be for a Base to SE upgrade but this one has 3 times the miles my car actually has) and if I smack the desk hard enough the tach will move to the top and the speedo will jump and stay if I have the music goin loud enough they all dance :)
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