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PRODUCT FAQ: Custom Zetec Shortblocks

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CFM shortblocks are manufactured from BRAND NEW components. No bored this, no resized that. EVERYTHING is brand new!

9:1 compression with the Zetec cylinder head and approximately 9.5:1 with SVT Focus cylinder head.

Building an engine properly is not as easy as most people think. It requires special tools, knowledge and experience. It is the difference between reliable performance and premature component failure. Our engines are built by a dedicated engine builder with in-house equipment and tools. From beginning to end, your engine will be handled, built and inspected by the same person.

We use Eagle rods, Probe pistons, and ARP main studs. The ARP main studs will require the lower crankcase cover to be modified. This short block will support over 400whp with proper tuning. E-mail for details regarding other compression ratios.

Here you will find all information relevant to this product. Please only post questions or information that will be useful to others who own or are considering purchasing this product. Thanks!
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