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Has anyone ever had trouble with the cruise control not working, and finding the wiring being crushed, and cut from the installation of the airbag ?

I bought an 01 ZX3, and all was working great but the cruise, it would not turn on.
I went through all the power checks, and all was good, then proceeded to take off the airbag, and upon removing the airbag, I found the wiring harness for the cruise control was crushed, the red, and gray wires cut about 1.5" from the connector where it plugs into the steering wheel.
I spliced and soldered the wires back together and all is working well now.

My questions are:
1. Could this have happened at the factory ?, the seller of the car (one owner, A title) said it was never in an accident, and never said anything about the airbag being out.
2. Were there any recalls that would have required the mechanic to remove the airbag.
3. Is it possibe that the key switch was replaced, with the steering wheel having to be removed to change out the key switch.

I am just trying to figure out how the wiring got crushed.

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