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Crazy problem out of absolutly nowhere

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I get into my svt to leave work, i park it by our main building to go punch out (i shut the car off). I come back outside and start my car and immediatly notice my exhaust, i swear to you my first thought was did someone just to the quickest borla exhaust install on my car?!?! I drive it home and i can feel the rumble in my butt, the exhaust has a much throatier note to it. I park in my drive way get under it and it sounds like there is a hole in my exhaust right under the drivers seat!!! I can't feel air coming out but it sure sounds like it. Car drives fine i had to do a pull on my street just to make sure [shhh]. Anyone ever have this problem or does this sound like something else not my exhaust?
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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