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So.. I just completed HRW's Custom intake modification... The custom intake consists of bendable tubing (I used conduit) that runs from a hole cut in the side of your resonator to a hole of equal size that's cut into your cowl... For those that don't know, the cowl is the wall that separates the engine from the interior, basically... Well.. Anyhow.. After I finished it, I started thinking of fun little ways to get more air to it, and I hatched this idea to bring the tube up higher, THROUGH the cowl and up in-between the area between the hood and the driverside wiper blade... I don't really know of anything aside from Fiberglass that I could really use to form a proper scoop, so I was wondering if anyone knows of a company that makes abnormally small hood scoops.

anybody? :)

This isn't my car.. I was just trying to display the area where the intake hose would come out, and the hood scoop would be placed.


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