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Couple of Questions

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Just want to make sure I do everything right as I've never done it before and dont' want to mess anything up..

Below is my engine... now the hose I would use to suck up the seafoam would be the one coming out of the back of the valve cover right? Just trying to be sure because I have ran seafoam in the crankcase before as well as the gas tank but never thru the line going to the engine...

And one other question....

I need to replace the PCV hose on my engine as well... could seafoaming my car before replacing that hose potentially damage anything?


Is that something I could replace myself without any other tools other than your basic hand tools?

Thanks in advance for any info/advice/responses!
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Replace the PCV hose first. Odds are you are running somewhat lean to begin with.

And no that is not the hose I would recommend using to suck up Seafoam. Use the little one just above the light green cap on the passenger side. I feel that a large hose delivers too much too fast and can cause harm. A little at a time is just safer IMO.

BTW, nice job in keeping the engine clean. I can't stand some of the corroded ugly dirty engine bays on here. Noting worse than having to clean grease/mud off an engine before you work on it.
It was actually pretty dirty that day... I'm a clean freak when it comes to anything but especially my car... Inside/out & under the hood.

As far as the hose sucking up the seafoam... the one off the back of the valve cover would work though if I was really careful and just putting like a quarter of the tip in the seafoam itself?? The hose above the green cap off to the left... which hose is that?

Sorry for all the Noob questions.... But I gotta learn sometime and I won't pick anything up if I don't ask!

Thanks again!
Now as far as replacing the pcv hose...

Could anybody photoshop a circle or something over the hose itself if it is visible on this picture? I have spent enough money on this car having other people do the work and would rather save the $$$ if at all possible..
^^agree with iminhell

a EB is one of the best things you can do for your fofo
EB??? [???:)]

Its not visible in that pic. Its basically between the engine and the firewall, almost directly down from the Throttle Body. The most common ZETEC hose at least. There's a lot of talk about it in this thread.
Thanks Hawkeye!
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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