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I've had 2 of my radiators blow in the past 2 years i've had it.
the 2nd one just yesterday...

when i took it to go get if fixed guy monitered my engine with the computer and said one of my cylinders are reaching 318 F, i know thats a little much.

any idea what it can be??

been servised reg.
treated well
cooling fan only comes on when ac is on
never run it too hot
new thermostate for radiator
70,000 miles
2.0 zetec with slightly modded intake (took off resenator, put some holes on the filter side, and k&n filter

^^thought i'd give you the info on the car to help

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this most deffenatly sounds like a resistor problem. due to the fans only coming on when the AC is on. this is a comom problem with our cars. i belive it is called the blower motor resistor but i could be wrong cuase i know there are two of them. one in the dash and one by the cooling fans. you want to get the one by the cooling fans. its not to much $ somewhere between 20-35 bucks. and its not hard to change at all, D.I.Y. do some searching around on the sight with the search feature and i am sure you will find some stuff. but i really think that it is the resistor.
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