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I've read through many threads about cooling fan issues, but I cannot decide what is the likely culprit.

My issues started with a strange brunt smell coming through the vents when a/c or heat was on. Smell was not present when a/c and heat were off.

I noticed the smell seemed to come from the cooling fan, and so I thought maybe the fan was fried. After some tinkering, I found out that the fan was not coming on at all. There was a single blown fuse, the high speed fuse. Replacing it, however, did not make the fan run. I pulled the fan relays to test them. After putting the same relays back in, the fan started working.

Here is the part that I cannot figure out and may lead to a solution. The fan only works for 2-3 seconds, and then cuts off. It takes around 15 seconds to fully slow to a stop, then it starts back up for 2-3 seconds and cuts off again. The relays are clicking this entire time, about every 4-5 seconds. This happens even when the a/c is on full blast and the fan should be on constantly correct?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
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