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Coolant Options

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Is it ok to use coolant that states it is for "any make, any model", or should I use the recommended Ford orange coolant? My coolant is pretty low. Some non-Ford brands say it can be mixed with any color coolant, but I am not sure I should do this. Anyone use a coolant other than the Ford orange coolant?

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Yes, I saw this thread. I know the manual says don't mix colors, but there are coolants that are made that say they can be mixed with any color. Just wondering if anyone has used this type with the orange coolant in the MK3. I'll just stick with the Ford orange. Thanks
It also says to not mix any type of coolant. You also need to put a coolant that respect WSS-M97B44-D or WSS-M97B44-D2.

If it's not written on the bottle you are talking about, then don't put it in your car. The coolant is a very important fluid in your car. It's very important also that you respect the manufacturer's spec. The pH may differ and may cause oxydation inside your engine and pipe.

However, if your fluid is low, I suggest you go to the dealer because you have a leak in your system. When the Focus is leaving the factory, the coolant is supposed to be equal or higher then the minimum allowed.

The OEM coolant (one gallon) is about 20$ at your Ford/Lincoln dealer and will last you for the life of the car.
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